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After a full summer, of busy packing, unloading, hanging paintings, showing, selling, switching hats, jack shirts, fancy skirts and fishing rods, camera gear, rain boots, boarding ships and canoes, heading up North to wilder and faraway places, feeling the winds of change aboard the Polar Prince, on the CanadaC3  expedition, searching truth and reconciliation along the way, as we approached community after community, I became more and more impatient and eager to greet the creative Spirit of my painting world. I had to find myself again, swim in the treacherous seaways of creative waters. So long forest and far away ocean, so long friends, brothers and sisters of mind, honey I am home, again.


So yes, moving from the Laurentians to Charlevois, my fifth move in 5 years...;), here I am, I lay my yaihimsuu (restless one) bones and impulses, blisters, and tired body before you, angel easel, I am yours!


Here are a few recent pieces that initiate a dialogue, telling some bits and pieces of a story of this life changing journey in a visual manner. Crossing Over, a series of paintings meaning to look deeper under the surface of events, uncovering unwanted truths, sharing deeper understanding, looking under the surface, into the unknown, the best is yet to come, stand by!




There is so much to say about the CanadaC3 experience. Its human, its monumental, vital, and deeply transforming. I have been back for 4 months now, but the emotions and memories are barely starting to come back like a heavy tide on the shore of my consciousness.


It took me a while to understand and measure the effects of the expedition on my life as a human being and as an artist. The answers came through my work, one painting at the time, revealing secrets I wasn't yet aware of: grief, sadness, awe, wonder, loss, renewal, exasperation, anger, compassion and so much more.

It truly was a trip of a lifetime. I will never be the same, in french, the word, co-naissance really means to be born again with knowledge, this is what is happening, I am renew with facts, feelings, emotions and new awareness of the bigger picture.


 This new collection of works speaks of deeper knowing of the unseen, the underworld, the truths revealed by face to face encounters with the people of the North who greeted us with generosity and pride, a better understanding of what is at stake environmentally, the incomparable beauty of the Canada's North.

I will be forever grateful for this unique chance I had to be part of this project.























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Baie Saint Paul - les pieds dans le Fleuve - My new Life by the Saint Lawrence River

June 22, 2020

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