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Since 2008, countless travels into Northern Quebec have brought me closer than ever to the Native Culture and the Wilderness. Having traveled more than 60,000 km of endless Black Spruce forest, clear cut territories, lush marsh lands, hunting and fishing trips, the native way is starting to sink in. In Northern Quebec, the animal kingdom is omnipresent and intimately entwined with the Cree’s lifestyle and everyday activities. Fishing, hunting, and trapping are a constant conversation, practice and concern. Here is a collection of paintings of wildlife encountered north of the 45th parrallel.

Animals speak and inspire me in a magical way. They bring me to a place in which there are no boundaries between us, and always, the divine reveals itself. They speak to me in their unique voice, by their appearance, behavior, movement and patterns. They help me realize how intricately every aspect of nature is woven into my life.  They come to me in dreams and in waking. Ravens and crows call to me, warn me, teach me. In my work, the forest is a strong symbol of the unconscious. It reflects the untapped primal forces to which we do have access.

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