What they say about the Journey of Wellness - Ce que l'on dit du pèlerinage Voyage du Mieux-Être en terre Crie

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11 nations -  Espace culture autochtone

En tant qu'artiste métis de souche Malécite, j'ai été invitée à joindre le groupe d'artistes de l'Espace culturel 11 nations. Le nouveau centre d'artistes se trouve maintenant à St-Marc sur le Richelieu. Une ouverture officielle aura lieu au printemps 2014.






Nouveau défi - New challenge

Pélerinage en raquette de Troilus à Mistissini

J'ai le bonheur et l'honneur d'être invitée à participer au prochain "Journey of Wellness" de Mistissini.  Un groupe de 15 à 20 personnes voyageant pendant une période d'un mois sur les territoires de trappe et de chasses traditionels. Il y aura enseignements de techniques de chasse, trappet et vie en forêt. Je suis invitée à documenter le voyage en esquisses et en film. A suivre. Une production de toile naîtra aussi de cette magnifique aventure.


Journey of Wellness in Mistissini

I have been invited to participate in the next snow shoe walk that will take place on Cree traditional trapping and hunting grounds. The walk will last one month, we will be staying in prospector tents as we travel back to the Mistissini Community, probably for the Troilus Awashish Camps Territory. I will be documenting the journey in sketches and film.




Exposition / My work at FNHMA

Niagara Falls Sept 17th-19th

First Nation Health and Managment Association

My work at Galerie 806 Mont Tremblant


In the month of October, my work will be featured at the new art Gallery 806 in Mont Tremblant

(adress 806 rue st-jovite) You are also welcome to visit this beautiful gallery

and admire the work of my fellow artists friends from the Laurentians.




Nishiyuu Painting - Earth has memory

has gone home to Whapmagoutsui. In celebration of the Journey of the Nishiyuu, I painted this large piece with gratitude for the walkers and their amazing mission, and the positive contribution they have given the world with their powerful message.

Mon tableau "La terre se Souvient" rentre à la maison, lieu d'origine de la marche des Nishiyuu qui ont bravé les rigueurs de l'hiver du Nord Québecois pour se rendre à Ottawa en mars 2013.

Article - Montreal Serai Magazine

Truth and Reconciliaton Commission Conference in Montreal

Conférence Vérité Réconciliation à Montréal


Many times during the last few years, I have been taken aside and told heartbreaking, revolting, unjust stories related to the years native people spent in residential schools. As a white person, I have felt helpless, and ashamed, deeply concerned for my confidante and sometimes taken it personally. As an artist, there are many ways to express these emotions in a constructive way. A few paintings express my feelings on the subject. One of them is called: "Holding Spirit"


This painting has been donated to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I was been invited to present it to the conference participants. I was very proud and pleased to learn that my painting will travel with the Special Box symbolizing the strength and resilience of Residential school survivors.






"The painting is on its way to our main office in Winnipeg, MB.  It will be kept safely there in our collection until such time as the National Research Centre is ready to accept it once our mandate expires some after June 2014.  You may be assured that we will treasure your gift and look forward to the day it is displayed at the National Research Centre to commemorate the work of artists such as you who are reflecting so powerfully on our journey of healing and reconciliation through the beauty of artistic expression."  

- Lori Ransom, Senior Advisor, Church Relations, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

My painting on ARTBOMB - Mon Tableau sur ARTBOMB

Artbomb is a daily online art auction

featuring carefully curated works of art from artists across Canada​

Entrevue chez TVCOGECO Interview – Les Rendez Vous des Laurentiens

Interview with Dominic Lavoie on the subject of my travels in Cree Territory, James Bay and the way it inspires my work.

Entrevue par Dominic Lavoie sur le sujet de mes voyages en territoire Cri et comment cela inspire mon travail.

Artist for Conservation

artists for conservation

I have been invited to join Artists for Conservation International as a signature member. "The Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC) – formerly the Worldwide Nature Artists Group (WNAG) – is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. The Foundation represents the world’s leading collective of nature artists and an unparalleled pool of artistic talent focused on nature. The organization’s mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage."


J'ai été invitée à joindre les groupes d'artistes pour la conservation. C'est un organisme à but non lucratif, international dédié à la célébration et la préservation du monde naturel. La fondation représente le collectif d'artistes de la nature mondial et consiste en un bassin de talent artistique qui mise sur l'éducation environnementale par l'art qui célèbre notre héritage naturel.